Where can you ski during May and the spring months?

Where to Ski in May: Your Guide to Late Season Slopes

For many avid skiers and snowboarders, the arrival of spring flowers and warmer temperatures usually signifies the end of the winter season and the stowing away of their beloved gear. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to signal the final...

A view of Chamonix valley in French Alps

Chamonix Ski Resort Review

Perhaps one of the best known ski resorts in the world, Chamonix is probably on the must ski lists of anyone serious about their winter sports. And with good reason. In the shadow of the mighty Mont Blanc, Europe’s...

Best late season ski resorts

Top Picks for Best Late Season Ski Resorts

Maybe you didn't get as many ski or snowboard days as you wanted this year. Or maybe you've just got your eyes on one last blast in the snow. Whatever your reasons, late season or spring skiing can be...

The World’s 10 Longest Ski Runs

The World’s 10 Longest Ski Runs

For ski enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike, discovering a long, winding ski run that tests endurance, skill, and perhaps even the strength of one’s resolve can be the highlight of any skiing expedition. The thrill of setting off at...

The Best (and Worst) Things About Snowboarding

The Best (and Worst) Things About Snowboarding

I love snowboarding. There I said it, and I'm glad I got that off my chest. The fine art of sliding down a snowy hill really fast while strapped to a 5-odd foot plank of wood offers up many...

How to choose a ski jacket

How to Choose Your Ski Jacket: A Buyers Guide

Ski jackets are an indispensable piece of kit for any skier or snowboarder. They keep you dry, warm, and comfortable as you carve those turns - and more importantly, while you're sitting on the chairlift back up. And of...

You can visit Chamonix in a day from Geneva

How to do Ski Day Trips from Geneva

Got time on your hands while you're in Geneva? You might be wondering if it's possible, or even worth doing a ski day trip from Geneva. After all, this city is the gateway to the Alps for millions of...

The 26 Best Places to Snowboard in Europe

The 26 Best Places to Snowboard in Europe

Once you've got the snowboarding bug, it's hard to shake it. And while riding the same resort every season has it's own charms, you might want to switch up and head to other snowboard friendly resorts every so often....

james bond film ski resorts

On the Piste with James Bond: 007 Ski Resorts

In search of the ultimate James Bond ski resort experience? Lets cut to the chase. On skis of course... We've taken a look at the prestigious snowy slopes and secret spots that starred alongside 007. So if you're looking...

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