Oli Lynch

Oli Lynch

Oli loves snowboarding and aims to get on the slopes as often as possible. He writes for print and digital travel publications, including Fall Line, Snow Magazine and our sister publications Gone Travelling and Global Playboy. When not falling over on a mountainside, he also works as a freelance content manager.

Is Wedze or Decathlon a Good Ski Wear Brand?

Is Wedze or Decathlon a Good Ski Wear Brand?

Anyone who has spent any time on the mountains in recent years will have spotted the ubiquitous Wedze brand. From ski jackets, goggles and gloves to actual skis - Wedze do appear to be everywhere. For those not...

Snowboxx music festival in Avoriaz ski resort, France

The Best Ski Festivals in Europe this Winter

Winter in the European Alps means not just great skiing, snowboarding and apres ski – it also means an increasing selection of epic ski festivals. For the uninitated, these music festivals in ski resorts basically offer apres ski...

Best European Ski Resorts for a Long Weekend Trip

Best European Ski Resorts for a Long Weekend Trip

Looking to steal a cheeky short ski break, ideally without a crazy transfer time? In Europe, we're actually spoiled for choice for great ski resorts just a short hop from a major airport. After extensive research, we've compiled...

Picture Organic Styler Jacket review

Picture Organic: Styler Snowboarding Jacket Review

When it comes to sliding down a mountain, one thing is for sure: You need to do it in style. And what I mean is, whether you're skiing or snowboarding, you need to be rocking some cool threads....

5 Types of Snow (and How to Ride Them)

5 Types of Snow (and How to Ride Them)

Anyone who has ridden on a snowboard or skis knows that there are different types of snow. In fact, often you can find yourself riding five different types of snow in one day. But what are the different...

32 Great Ski Gift Ideas for Skiers & Snowboarders

32 Great Ski Gift Ideas for Skiers & Snowboarders

Great presents can start a conversation, bring a smile, offer joy, or even prove their worth through many winters of use. And when you are thinking around the options of presents for skiing and snowboarding fans, you'll find...

ski holiday with lift pass included

Where to Find Ski Holidays with Lift Pass Included

Planning your next ski holiday, but want to avoid the hassle of booking lift passes? While there are lots of companies that allow you to book ski holidays, not all of them include the essential lift pass. Finding...

thinsulate vs gore tex, what are they and which is right for you?

Thinsulate vs Gore Tex: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or going on a winter hike, you often hear two terms in winter sports wear: Thinsulate and Gore Tex. They're either blurred together in thick product descriptions or pronounced with pride by those...

Having fun on a solo snowboard trip

How to Plan and Book a Solo Snowboarding Trip

While many see snowboarding or skiing as a social activity, sometimes finding a buddy to go with us is, well... Its a pain in the ass. Coordinating availability, compromising on hotels or resorts, and generally having to work...

discover the best skiing holiday in austrian resorts for the best ski slopes

How to Plan a Ski Holiday in Austria

A global mecca for skiers and snowboarders, Austria is a stunning and mountainous nation positioned at the centre of Europe and in the heart of the Alps. In fact, the east of the country is one big winter...

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